As of mid 2016, the EUR-USH project is not continued due to lack of funding.

European young investigators network for Usher syndrome

Usher syndrome (USH) is a rare genetic disease and the most common form of inherited deaf-blindness in man. USH is a clinically and genetically complex disorder, making diagnosis and treatment challenging. In the present “EUR-USH” network, young investigators with different backgrounds in medicine, genetics, cellular and molecular biology aim to synergize their expertise and bring new insights towards the understanding of USH. The combination of state-of–the-art clinical examinations and molecular analyses (e.g. NGS) will improve diagnosis. In addition, basic research (proteomics, imaging) will enlighten the mechanisms of the molecular pathogenesis. Moreover, gene-based therapies will be evaluated namely gene augmentation and translational read-through, to treat the progressive retinal degeneration with the ultimate goal to improve the life quality of USH patients.

Interconnection of components A, B and C within the EURUSH project.